About us


Prepromed was created in a very short space of time as a response to the huge need for Personal Protective Equipment and Medical Supplies due the the Covid-19 pandemic, by Ajanz Ltd., Istanbul-Turkey which is our primary company founded in the year of 2004.
After long years’ experience in international trading and exclusive representation, Ajanz Ltd. initially was founded as an agency providing services like international trading brokerage as well as corporate events, among which, many major multinational companies and global brands were present.
We have now observed the need for reliable PPE Personal Protective Equipment and Medical suppliers.  Towards this, we are fronting the entire supply chain themselves and only working with suppliers who are willing to work with SGS verification of product before the release of funds.
Our history of successful trading over 30+ years should deliver a level of confidence to our buyers.
Joseph Levi, the CEO and founder of Ajanz Ltd. felt that he was in a position to be able to help both legitimate suppliers as well as instill confidence in buyers who are looking to buy from reliable sources and reliable brands.
“These are tough times that require people to take responsibility for every action performed and at the top of that list of responsibility, should be humanity and civility.”


We provide premium quality PPE Personal Protective Equipment to support healthcare providers around the world at the most competitive values on the market.

We offer a transparent and efficient service, providing fully certified and licensed products in compliance with all international standards and with CE and FDA approval.

Our full range of products have Government export licenses and are approved by medical officials prior to shipment worldwide.

Prepromed require a 30%-50% down-payment to secure any orders and to guarantee the proposed delivery times. Due to the scarcity of specialist medical equipment and high demand globally, Ventilators will require a 50% deposit to secure available stock. Final payments are required when the orders are ready for shipment to destination or collection at source.

2. Clients receive a Proforma Invoice with full details regarding the sale, which includes our company fiscal registration with VAT Number and banking details.

3. Guarantees from the manufacturers are in the form of international certificates and medical export licenses, proving the provenance and legitimacy of the specific products manufactured
4. Prices are indicative only and subject to daily fluctuations.

5. Prices are non inclusive of shipping and insurance costs.

Payment Terms & Security
Documentation will include our official company registration details, fiscal registration of the company and respective VAT number, fiscal address and details of the banking institution where the official company bank accounts are registered.

Additionally we provide a legally binding contract between all parties involved , ensuring payment structures and guaranteeing all financial transactions.

For issuing the Pro Forma Invoice and Contract, we would require the billing and shipping details of the Client making the purchase and destination for receiving the shipment.

Bank Transfers
Prepromed require a proof of funds and respective information regarding the Client, to ensure the provenance of the funds being transferred. It is a legal requirement for Prepromewd to notify our banking institution of the source of the funds received and their respective application.